Our service menu is flexible and can be customised to your requirements, so you could go for a one-stop solution to manage all your communication or you might choose one of our modular solutions.
1. Online

CAST offers IT communication solutions that help our clients relate to their audience at the speed that internet requires in an effective way.
From web-based applications enabling content collaboration to intelligent sales portals or information centers, our online team has strengthened cross-border web marketing thanks to a perfect fit of technology and communications know-how.

2. Strategy and creative lab

We help you to assess your requirements in order to decide how to invest your time and money to achieve the results you expect. If you don't need a big campaign we won't suggest one, instead working with existing creative work or creating new ideas and designs to meet and exceed your expectations. So, let's see what we can do together!

3. Content and copywriting

Content is at the core of any piece of communication, so the style and quality of copywriting is at the heart of how your clients perceive your company. Our copywriting talents (in several languages, including UK and US English, French and Dutch) are an integral part of the multilingual services that we offer.

4. Multilingual services and localisation

Our multilingual platform and workflow deliver a perfect optimised translation process: new translation versus recuperated text. Our translation process manages the translation memory, controls the content and supervises the automatic text import directly into online and offline layouts. As a result, we can ensure your productions will be executed smoothly, even when there are more than 32 different language versions of up to 200 pages each!
You can now benefit from a comprehensive multilingual production of all your material in a cost-efficient manner, with a hassle-free workflow and in record time. This is a one-stop solution for multiple language productions.

5. Global Production Services (GPS)

We have centralised the data making, manipulation, retouch and colour calibration in order to control the quality of the master files before sending them out for final production. Our extensive network of printing and production contacts worldwide is continuously being updated to enable us to handle the entire process – from paper selection and ink lab tests to environmental regulations and logistics – on your behalf.
We offer you an integrated production flow for all your communication as well as modular production services for your purchasing department.
Contact us to see how we can improve your finished print work and reduce your current costs.

6. Catalogues

Catalogues, brochures and folders hold no secrets for us. In the early days, CAST started by offering this service in multiple language applications. Nowadays we take care of design, contents, translation and proofreading coordination, photoshoots and artwork within one in-house automated workflow. We can even set up an automated catalogue production flow at the client side.
Furthermore, we supervise the quality control of the printing and finishing for optimum results.

7. Packaging

The production of a high variety of packaging formats, for different product categories and for various countries is one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks for clients. At CAST we have acknowledged this by creating an integrated workflow to develop and coordinate all your packaging from a given design through your translations, proofreading, artwork, ready to print and give consistent colour reproduction anywhere in the world, regardless of the printer used.

8. Eco-printing

All of our print work is produced by FSC and ISO14001 certified suppliers, but for some customers we even go beyond these standards and look for production solutions that suit their environmental code of conduct. For instance, we can offer 100% carbon neutral production, EMAS certification, high-volume production with soy-based inks, lab tested RoHS compliance (heavy metals and PHBs) for paper, inks, stitches, glue, etc.

9. International support
CAST Japan

CAST Japan synergises marketing, communication and trading activities for the Japanese market. With our extensive East-West experience, CAST is ideally placed to successfully introduce European brands to Japan and Japanese brands to Europe.
More about CAST Japan (Japanese only)...

D-nine Japan

Our international clients are able to not only rely on our CAST Japan offices and network, but also on the strong support of D-nine in Japan.
Thanks to their collaboration and support, the global communications strategies developed by Japanese headquarters are transmitted rapidly to CAST, while ensuring that no communication plan details are omitted in the process.

IN network

With roots in Europe and Asia, CAST has a global outlook. Our multinational team of communication specialists is the driving force behind our dynamic and creative agency. Our international contacts go even further, as CAST is part of the largest global network of private advertising agencies: the IN Network. These combined resources give CAST an additional edge in international communications.

10. Project management

Project management is an essential part of our methodology. Good project management and the correct use of resources results in the most cost-efficient solution for our clients. This is important not only for the actual working of the project but also for the desired end result.

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